30 November 2009

Tuna vessel fires back at pirates

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A private security team embarked on a Spanish tuna vessel yesterday fired back on two pirate skiffs which then broke off their attack.
According to a Spanish government statement, at 5.40 AM Spanish time, November 29, 2009, Spain's Center for Maritime Surveillance Operations was notified that the fishing OrtubŽ Berria Spanish flag was being attacked by suspected pirates.
The attack was confirmed by telephone by the master of OrtubŽ Berria, who reported the following facts: On the 29th, about 5.37 Spanish time, two skiffs attacked the vessel 230 nautical miles southwest of the Seychelles. The pirates opened fire with light weapons and RPG grenade. After 30 minutes of chase, the attack was repelled by the private security team on board, who made use of their weapons.
Operation Atalanta (TF 465) has sent the Portuguese frigate Alvares Cabral to the area together with maritime patrol aircraft based in the Seychelles Islands.

Somali Pirates Seize Oil Tanker Bound for US - New York Times

Somali Pirates Seize Oil Tanker Bound for US - New York Times: "

ABC News

Somali Pirates Seize Oil Tanker Bound for US
New York Times
NAIROBI, Kenya — Somali pirates have struck again, this time seizing an enormous oil tanker heading to the United States, ...
US-Bound Supertanker Seized by Pirates Off SomaliaBloomberg
FACTBOX-Ships held by Somali piratesReuters
Somali Pirates Seize Greek-Owned TankerVoice of America
The Associated Press -BBC News -CNN International
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UPI: Teenage pirates sentenced in Thai court

"A Western journalist at the trial reported that the three teenagers were not always referred to as pirates because of their circumstances. Defense lawyers said the Burmese boys, who had also spent time in Thai detention centers for illegal immigrants, had been sold to Thai fishing boat owners."

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AP: Somali pirates hijack Saudi oil tanker going to US

NAIROBI, Kenya — The EU's anti-piracy force says Somali pirates have seized a super tanker carrying crude oil from Saudi Arabia to the United States.

Cmdr. John Harbour, a spokesman for the EU Naval Force, says the Greek-owned Maran Centaurus was hijacked Sunday about 800 miles (1,300 kilometers) off the coast of Somalia.

Pirates have increased attacks on vessels off East Africa for the millions of dollars of ransom that can be had. A tanker full of oil would be worth millions and could pose a huge security and environmental threat to the region.

Harbour says there were 28 crew members on board the 300,000-ton ship.

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26 November 2009

Ukrainian killed in pirate attack on German ship off Benin (Roundup) - Monsters and Critics.com

Ukrainian killed in pirate attack on German ship off Benin (Roundup) - Monsters and Critics.com: "

NRCU - Ukrainian Radio

Ukrainian killed in pirate attack on German ship off Benin (Roundup)
Monsters and Critics.com
Hamburg - A shipboard battle with pirates off the West African coast left a Ukrainian officer dead before the pirates fled with their booty, the vessel's ...
Pirates Attack Oil Tanker Off Africa's West CoastFOXNews
Oil Tanker Is Attacked by Pirates, Killing OfficerBloomberg
Pirates kill sailor in attack on oil tanker off BeninBBC News
NRCU - Ukrainian Radio -Reuters -AFP
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Experts: Nigerian pirates may be extending reach - The Associated Press

Experts: Nigerian pirates may be extending reach - The Associated Press: "


Experts: Nigerian pirates may be extending reach
The Associated Press
JOHANNESBURG — A bloody pirate attack off Benin's coast is raising concerns that Nigerian pirates — operating on the opposite side of Africa from Somali ...
Pirates Attack Oil Tanker Off Africa's West CoastFOXNews
Oil Tanker Is Attacked by Pirates, Killing OfficerBloomberg
Ukrainian killed in pirate attack on German ship off Benin (Roundup)Monsters and Critics.com
BBC News -Reuters -NRCU - Ukrainian Radio
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25 November 2009

Reuters: FACTBOX - Attacks in the Gulf of Guinea

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Pirates are not terrorists?

Opinion Article.

Agree or Disagree?

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The IMO Commends India, Greece

Commending the role of Indian navy in fighting pirates at the Gulf of Aden, the world's maritime controlling agency has awarded a special certificate to the forces.

A special 'Certificate of Commendation' was presented to the navy, which had deployed twelve ships off the coast of Somalia till July 2009 by the London-based UN agency, International Maritime Organisation.

Commodore P K Banerjee, Naval Adviser in London and also the commanding officer of one of the warships, which took part in international anti-piracy patrols received the award from E E Mitropoulos, IMO Secretary General at a ceremony held here.

Nalin Surie, the High Commissioner of India to UK, Georg Boomgaarden, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and President of IMO Assembly, were among dignitaries present on the occasion.

Indian naval ships have escorted about 700 merchant ships, including 600 foreign-flagged vessels from over 45 countries, during anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden since October 2008.

The award ceremony coincided with the inauguration of the 26th Regular Session of the IMO Assembly here.

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Greek naval officers were among the recipients of Certificates for Exceptional Services Rendered to Shipping and Mankind awarded by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) during a special ceremony in London on Tuesday night, held in the context of the organisation's 26th general assembly.

The Greek officers were honored for their participation in the international efforts to repress piracy off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden.

Certificates were presented to the Commanding Officers, or their representatives, of navy ships from EU and NATO member countries and several other individual countries from various regions, namely from Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

The Certificates for the Greek officers were presented to Greek Lt. Commanders Panagiotis Lymberis and Antonis Papaioannou, at a ceremony attended by Greece's minister for the economy, competitiveness and shipping Louka Katseli, who is representing Greece at the IMO general assembly that winds up on Wednesday, and Greek ambassador in London Vassilis Pispinis.

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24 November 2009

Ocean cargo/global logistics: International Maritime Organization says piracy is a global issue

The alarming escalation in incidents of attacks on merchant ships had been a dominant and unwelcome theme throughout the past biennium
Patrick Burnson -- Logistics Management, 11/24/2009
From Logistics Management.

LONDON—The 26th Assembly of the International Maritime Organization, IMO, meets here at its headquarters this week, and piracy is top of mind.
In his opening address, Secretary-General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos said that the alarming escalation in incidents of piracy and armed attacks on merchant ships had been a dominant and unwelcome theme throughout the past biennium, with the recent upsurge in pirate activity off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden, and now beyond the Horn of Africa and in the wider expanses of the western Indian Ocean, turning this phenomenon into a global issue.

“I consider it imperative that we, in the maritime community, re-double our efforts to combat piracy in all its forms, bearing in mind that it is not a cause, but a symptom,” Mitropoulos said.

In repressing acts of piracy and robbery against ships in the affected waters, IMO has worked closely with the United Nations (including the Security Council, the World Food Program and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime) and with various intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations (both global and regional, such as the African Union and the League of Arab States), as well as with political and defence entities (such as the European Union, NATO and the Combined Maritime Forces).
As reported in LM, the number of reported piracy attacks off East Africa rose astronomically in the past two years.

“Barely a day seemed to pass without a new incident being reported,” noted IMO spokesmen.

Figures compiled by IMO show that, in the first quarter of 2008, there were 11 piracy attacks in that region, rising to 23 in the second quarter and rocketing to 50 in the third and 51 in the fourth quarters, making a total of 135 attacks during 2008, resulting in 44 ships having been seized by pirates and more than 600 seafarers having been kidnapped and held for ransom.
Coinciding with this meeting came an announcement by CMA CGM that it plans to increase its piracy risk surcharge for transporting containers through the Gulf of Aden next month.

Spokesmen said that the transit of cargo vessels through the Gulf of Aden in both directions is subject to high costs caused by the prevailing risks of piracy in the area.

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'One killed' in Benin pirate raid

'One killed' in Benin pirate raid: "Pirates have attacked an oil tanker off the coast of west Africa, killing a Ukrainian seaman, the commander of Benin's naval forces says."

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23 November 2009

Pirates hijack Greek-owned bulk carrier off Yemen - Reuters

Pirates hijack Greek-owned bulk carrier off Yemen - Reuters: "

Trend News Agency

Pirates hijack Greek-owned bulk carrier off Yemen
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Pirates hijacked a Greek-owned bulk carrier on Thursday in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen, a Kenyan maritime official said on Sunday, ...
Pirates Seize Greek-Owned Ship off YemenVoice of America
Greek cargo ship hijacked by Somali piratesCCTV
Pirates seize Greek ship off YemenAFP
Deutsche Welle -Xinhua
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Somali Pirates Attack Greek Ship....maybe?

Somali pirates have attacked a Greek-owned bulk carrier late last week in the Gulf of Aden near Yemen.

However, a Greek spokesman says the ship’s managers did not confirm the incident.

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Indian Navy deploys second ship in Indian Ocean to combat piracy

New Delhi, November 23 (PTI): The Navy has deployed a second warship in the Indian Ocean to combat piracy. While a larger warship has been deployed continuously in the general area of the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia, a smaller vessel will now do patrolling around Seychelles and Mauritius.

The decision was taken after pirates shifted their operations to the East of Somalia, also referred to as the Somalia Basin and to the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of Seychelles and Mauritius in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Some of these attacks have taken place nearly 1,900 km from the Somali coast, making these waters dangerous for seafarers, thereby seriously affecting the safety of international trade and commerce transiting through these waters.The Navy will deploy INS Savitri, an offshore patrol vessel with a Chetak helicopter and marine commandos for the surveillance of EEZ of Seychelles and Mauritius from the end of this month till early next year. INS Savitri will be deployed in close coordination with the ships and aircraft of Seychelles Coast Guard and the Mauritian National Coast Guard to deter piracy in these areas.Over the past few years, incidents of piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia have increased considerably with over 174 piracy attempts, involving ships of various nationalities, have taken place in the last one year. To dissuade and prevent hijackings in the Gulf of Aden, the Navy was operating a warship in the Gulf of Aden since October 23 last.

20 November 2009

BBC: Can Somali pirates be defeated?

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Arming ships averts piracy, engineer says

If armed guards had been aboard the Maersk Alabama on April 8, Mike Perry says, he would never have had to fight with a Somali pirate, the pirates would never have boarded and his captain would never have been taken hostage.

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China Daily: Team anti-piracy fight urged

China renewed a call Thursday for a cooperative international effort against Somali piracy by defining patrol areas in the Horn of Africa.

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Anti-piracy efforts must deal with its root causes, says UN envoy for Somalia

Piracy off Somalia's coast is a symptom of wider problems ashore, and any strategy to tackle it must also deal with its root causes and strengthen regional capacity, the United Nations envoy to the country warned today.

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18 November 2009

AP: US warns against paying ransom to pirates

If you pay it, they will attack...

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AP: Nicolas Cage visits Kenyan jail to talk to pirates

Film star Nicolas Cage has visited a Kenyan prison holding suspected Somali pirates awaiting trial to highlight the problem of piracy in the Indian Ocean.

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Pirates seize North Korean crew

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Pirates have seized a chemical tanker in the south Somali Basin with 28 North Koreans aboard, the EU's anti-piracy mission in the region said.

"On November 16 a Virgin Islands owned (operated from Singapore) Chemical Tanker named the MV Theresa VIII was hijacked in the south Somali Basin, 180 nautical miles North West of the Seychelles," EUNAVFOR said.
"Theresa VIII has a deadweight of 22,294 tonnes and a crew of 28 North Koreans. The vessel, which was heading for Mombasa (Kenya), has turned around and is now heading north," the short statement said.

Pirates in shoot out over multi-million-dollar ransom

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(CNN) -- Somali pirates exchanged gunfire Wednesday over a ransom they received for releasing a Spanish fishing boat, a local journalist in contact with the pirates said.
"There was a heavy exchange of gunfire between some of our friends" one pirate told the local journalist, speaking of the other pirates.
"They fought over the 3 million euro ($4.5 million) received as a ransom from the Spanish boat."
At least two pirates were wounded in the gunfight in Harardhere, a pirate stronghold in central Somalia, the local journalist told CNN.
The Alakrana, the Spanish fishing vessel, was freed Tuesday along with its 36 crew members, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero said. It had been held for 47 days.
Zapatero did not say how the ship was freed. Spanish media -- including CNN sister station CNN+, which cited a source it said was close to the negotiations -- reported that a ransom had been paid.
The crew included 16 sailors from Spain and 20 from Africa and Asia.
A day after the hijacking, Spanish military monitoring the situation captured two pirate suspects as they left the fishing boat and later brought them to Madrid. The two were indicted Monday on 36 counts of kidnapping and armed robbery.
They could face sentences of more than 200 years in prison each because of the multiple kidnapping counts.
Pirates have captured more than 50 ships this year off Somalia.

Captain of pirated tanker dies of wounds

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The captain of a chemical tanker captured by Somali pirates this week off the Seychelles with 28 North Koreans on board has died of his wounds after being shot, a pirate told AFP.

Maersk Alabama Repels Pirates with Sonic Blaster, Bullets - Wired News

Maersk Alabama Repels Pirates with Sonic Blaster, Bullets - Wired News: "

Times LIVE

Maersk Alabama Repels Pirates with Sonic Blaster, Bullets
Wired News
Back in April, the Maersk Alabama was boarded by pirates, who took ship captain Richard Phillips hostage. Phillips was freed after Navy snipers shot and ...
Pirates Attack Maersk Alabama AgainNew York Times
Somali pirates beaten off in second attack on Maersk Alabamaguardian.co.uk
News roundup: Second pirate attack on Maersk Alabama foiledUSA Today
The Associated Press -ABC News -CNN International
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Reuters: Seized tanker's captain dies, Alabama attacked again

2 for 1 article - Captain of a chemical tanker was killed during a pirate attack and the Maersk Alabama ('famous' for having an American crew that was attacked by pirates) was attacked again...but thankfully their security detachment fended off the attack.

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17 November 2009

Pirates are getting more complex; it's time to stop them - Business Daily Africa

Pirates are getting more complex; it's time to stop them - Business Daily Africa: "


Pirates are getting more complex; it's time to stop them
Business Daily Africa
After maintaining a relatively low profile since the end of the monsoon season two months ago, Somali pirates literally ...
Pirates hijack tanker off Somali coastCNN International
Somali pirates attack two ships, hold North Korea crew hostageChristian Science Monitor
Somali pirates take chemical tankerUnited Press International
RTT News -Europolitics.info -BBC News
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BBC: Somali pirates free Spanish boat

Somali pirates have released a Spanish trawler and its 36 crew members after holding it for six weeks, Spain's prime minister has confirmed.

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Press Release: EU Atalanta anti-piracy escorts: ships should register for protection

EU anti-piracy escorts off Somalia have sunk ships, destroyed weapons, intercepted vessels and thwarted direct attacks. No escorted ship has been successfully attacked by pirates, but vessels should register before crossing the Gulf of Aden, EU Naval Force Commander Rear Admiral Peter D. Hudson told MEPs on Monday. MEPs called for more effective protection for European fishing vessels.

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CNN: Somali pirate suspects indicted in Spain

A Spanish judge indicted two Somali pirate suspects in Madrid on Monday, while pirates held a Spanish fishing boat and its crew off the Somali coast for the 46th day.

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CNN: Pirates hijack tanker off Somali Coast

Pirates off Somalia's coast have hijacked a chemical tanker with a North Korean crew, European naval forces reported.

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16 November 2009

Beyond The Breaking Point

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November 13, 2009: In areas controlled by al Shabaab, foreign aid groups have to meet a new list of regulations, or shut down. The air groups must pay $40,000 a year in "registration fees,", take logos off their vehicles, not take Sunday off, not promote democracy, not employ women and several similar restrictions. Meanwhile, the U.S., which supplies most of the food, is holding back aid, because so much of it is being stolen by Islamic terrorists. The aid groups have to give up a lot of the aid to the terrorists, or risk attack. The terrorists believe that the foreign aid groups would not dare cut off food aid, and risk the bad publicity from the resulting starvation. Over a million Somalis are on half rations because of the American attempt to halt, or at least reduce, the food thefts.
Al Shabaab has cut back on its efforts to take Mogadishu. The AU peacekeepers have proved a formidable foe. Meanwhile, al Shabaab has to deal with growing unrest in parts of southern Somalia that it nominally controls. People are not happy with the strict application of Islamic law, but al Shabaab sees these draconian punishments (stoning, cutting off limbs, floggings) as an effective way to terrorize the population and prevent organized resistance. But more clan militias are being organized to fight al Shabaab anyway. A new motivator is the growing food shortage, brought about by donor nations demanding that more of the food go to the starving, and less of it to bandits and warlords (who demand a cut, in order to allow the stuff through).
Some NATO members, led by Spain, are urging a change in tactics against the Somali pirates. Spain wants the three ports, where the mother ships are based, to be blockaded (warships prevent any ships from entering or leaving), and greater efforts made to find and seize or destroy the mother ship (or ships) that are making the speedboat attacks possible far off the Somali coast. The foreign nations supporting the anti-piracy patrol do not want to go ashore and destroy pirate bases. That's because the Somalis are enthusiastic and persistent fighters. The Somalis have been pacified in the past, but using methods that are politically unacceptable today.
The pirates now hold 13 ships, and 230 crew. The success of pirate mother ships, operating more than 500 kilometers off the east coast, has alarmed seafaring nations. The sea route south, from the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, is a major one. With ship insurance rates going up, and some shipping companies taking longer (and safer, and more expensive) routes, much international shipping is being disrupted. So the warships of the anti-piracy patrol are cooperating more, and being more innovative in developing methods to cope with the pirates. Most of the warships use free Internet email services to informally communicate (except for NATO ships, their military communications are often incompatible), because many are not supposed to talk to foreign warships. Unofficial command and cooperation arrangements have been worked out, quietly, so that diplomats or politicians back home don't get involved. When a warship is involved in a pirate encounter, the captain reports it as if no other warships were involved (to avoid any problems with their political masters). But if you examine accounts, from different countries, of some encounters, you can see that there is a lot of cooperation among the warships. The sailors like to point out that, when facing a common enemy, they are all brothers. Thus warships from countries like Russia, NATO, India, the U.S. China and Iran are all working together, unofficially.
Despite the recent spurt of ship captures, the pirate gangs are suffering a cash flow shortage. There are thousands of armed men up in Puntland, hoping to get rich, but there's not enough rich to go around. Tempers are flaring.
November 11, 2009: Pirates seized a cargo ship, headed for South Africa, 700 kilometers east of the Somali coast. In Puntland, a judge who had ruled against several pirates, was shot dead by unidentified men. Puntland had promised to prosecute pirates turned over to them. The pirate gangs said they would retaliate if any of their members were prosecuted.
November 9, 2009: Pirates attacked a large tanker, 1,800 off the east coast of Somalia. While the ship was hit by machine-gun and RPG fire, it sped up and got away.
November 8, 2009: Pirates seized a UAR (United Arab Emirates) ship, headed for Mogadishu,  off the east coast. Pirates report the ship was carrying weapons for the Transitional Government, in violation of the UN arms embargo. The Transitional Government denied the charge.
November 6, 2009: For the third time this year, al Shabaab stoned someone to death for committing adultery. The 33 year old male victim's unmarried, but pregnant, girlfriend, will be stoned to death after she gives birth to the couple's child, in accordance with Islamic law.

Naval ship watched pirates seize couple: ministry

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LONDON — The crew of a naval ship watched as a British couple were taken hostage by Somali pirates but were ordered not to open fire, the Ministry of Defence said.
The ministry insisted that the ship, the Royal Fleet Auxiliary replenishment tanker Wave Knight, could not have acted without endangering the lives of Paul Chandler, 59, and his wife, Rachel, 55.
The couple were sailing near the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean on their yacht the Lynn Rival when pirates boarded as they slept on October 23.
The RFA ship was carrying 75 merchant seamen and 25 Royal Navy sailors as well as a helicopter at the time of the incident.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Every effort was made by the Royal Navy and the international maritime fleet to locate the Lynn Rival.
"We did everything we could possibly do without further endangering the lives of Paul and Rachel Chandler.
"We do not comment on operational detail but RFA Wave Knight did very well under the circumstances."
In a phone call on October 29, the couple said they were initially moved from their yacht to a Singapore-flagged container ship, which was under the pirates' control.
One of the pirates, Abdi Yare, told AFP on October 31 that the couple had then been moved to a location near the pirate lair of Harardhere on the central coast of Somalia.
The pirates have demanded a ransom of seven million dollars but the government has insisted it will not make any payment.

Somali pirates free 9 Indians, Bangladeshis - Times of India

Somali pirates free 9 Indians, Bangladeshis - Times of India: "

Reuters South Africa

Somali pirates free 9 Indians, Bangladeshis
Times of India
MOGADISHU: Somali pirates have freed nine Indian and Bangladeshi seafarers after businessmen and clan elders in the country's semi-autonomous northern ...
Today's other stories in briefIrish Times

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13 November 2009

AP: French navy captures 12 pirates off Somalia

The French navy has seized three boats off Somalia's coast and detained 12 suspected pirates.

The French Defense Ministry said in a statement Friday that the Floreal surveillance boat, backed by a Luxembourg maritime surveillance plane, intercepted a pirate ship and two skiffs 650 nautical miles (about 750 statute miles) east of Hobyo, Somalia.

The French sailors also seized assault rifles, rocket launchers and other weaponry during Thursday's operation which was part of the EU anti-piracy mission in the region. The Defense Ministry says the Luxembourg plane alerted the French to the suspicious boats Wednesday and the French ship was given orders to pursue them.

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12 November 2009

Pirate-busting 'stinger' device for ships launched - guardian.co.uk

Pirate-busting 'stinger' device for ships launched - guardian.co.uk: "


Pirate-busting 'stinger' device for ships launched
The idea is that if a pirate skiff approaches, a length of strong rope can be fired into the path of the vessel from the Buccaneer. ...
Weapon to fight pirates is launchedThe Press Association

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AFRICOM photo shows mystery Reaper payload in Seychelles

AFRICOM photo shows mystery Reaper payload in Seychelles: "
mq-9 seychelles mystery sensor.jpgSource: AFRICOM
Spotters: I challenge you.

US Africa Command yesterday released the photo above of the MQ-9 Reaper returning to its new Seychelles base after an anti-piracy mission on November 4. The photo shows a payload under the wing that I am unable to identify. I believe it is a signals intelligence sensor of some kind. It could also be just a fuel tank. Or, maybe even a wide area camera, assuming there's a lens on the bottom of that thing. Click on the image to see the full-size picture.

I have emailed AFRICOM's public affairs office, asking them to identify the payload. I'm not optimistic that I'll get a useful response.

In the meantime, what do you guys -- and my blog commenters seem to be an all-male group, by the way -- think?

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Spain calls for blockade of pirate ports - euronews

Spain calls for blockade of pirate ports - euronews: "

Voice of America

Spain calls for blockade of pirate ports
It wants the multinational naval force to blockade the three main ports from which Somali pirates appear to be operating. In an interview on Spanish ...
Somali Pirates Extend Their ReachFOXNews
Somali Pirates Seize Cargo ShipNew York Times
Spain calls for blockade of Somali pirate portsAFP
AllAfrica.com -Voice of America -AsiaOne
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Gunmen kill Somalia pirate judge - BBC News

Gunmen kill Somalia pirate judge - BBC News: "


Gunmen kill Somalia pirate judge
BBC News
A judge known for jailing pirates and Islamists has been shot dead in Somalia's northern Puntland region. Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Aware was killed outside a ...
Anti-pirate/rebel judge killed in SomaliaRadio Netherlands
Gunmen Kill Top Somali Judge Known for Stiff Pirate SentencesFOXNews

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11 November 2009

AP: Pirate risk forges unlikely high seas alliances

Oh look, networking on the high seas....
World powers including the U.S., Russia and China are teaming up at sea to tackle the pirates plaguing Somalia's lawless coast, as a sharp increase in attacks has forced nations who may be rivals on land to make unlikely alliances.

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National Post: Today in piracy: Somali pirates extend their range

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CNN: Pirates seize Greek ship off Seychelles

Suspected Somali pirates hijacked a Greek-owned bulk carrier Wednesday with 22 crew members aboard, according to the European Union's Naval Force for Somalia.

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10 November 2009

Somali president calls for joint action against pirates - Hurriyet Daily News

Somali president calls for joint action against pirates - Hurriyet Daily News: "

Hurriyet Daily News

Somali president calls for joint action against pirates
Hurriyet Daily News
Pirates attempted 148 kidnappings in the first six months of this year Turkish commandos capturing pirates in the Gulf of Aden in Sept. 2009. ...

and more »

BBC: Somali pirates charged in Kenya

Seven Somalis, captured at sea by German naval forces last month, have appeared in court in the Kenyan port of Mombasa accused of piracy.

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BBC: Drones scour the sea for pirates

Sleek and sinister-looking, the latest weapon against piracy could have flown directly out of a science fiction film.

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How to fend off a pirate attack

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BBC: Combating piracy in the Seychelles

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Bloomberg: China Seeks Lead Role in Sea Piracy Fight, Morning Post Reports

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AP: Somali pirates demand $3M for ship with 18 crew

Pirates have hijacked a Panamanian-flagged ship with 18 crew off the east coast of Africa, the latest in an increasing number of attacks, a Somali businessman said Tuesday.

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05 November 2009

Somalis hijack grain ship, take Spaniards hostage - Reuters India

Somalis hijack grain ship, take Spaniards hostage - Reuters India: "


Somalis hijack grain ship, take Spaniards hostage
Reuters India
The pirate gangs -- some made up of former fishermen angered by the presence of foreign fishing fleets in Somali waters -- have made tens of millions of ...
Somali pirates take Spanish hostages ashoreCNN International
Somali pirates take some Spanish crew ashoreReuters South Africa
Pirates transfer three crew members to SomaliaEITB
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US Navy: American cargo ship evades pirate attack - New York Daily News

US Navy: American cargo ship evades pirate attack - New York Daily News: "


US Navy: American cargo ship evades pirate attack
New York Daily News
AP MOGADISHU, Somalia - The US Navy says an American-flagged cargo vessel has escaped a brush with armed pirates off the coast of East Africa. ...
Norwegian warship in sea-battle off Somali coast: EUAFP

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German Warship Stops Suspected Pirate Vessel in Indian Ocean - Bloomberg

German Warship Stops Suspected Pirate Vessel in Indian Ocean - Bloomberg: "


German Warship Stops Suspected Pirate Vessel in Indian Ocean
4 (Bloomberg) -- A German warship stopped a suspected pirate mother ship in the Indian Ocean that may have been involved in attacking merchant vessels, ...
Pirates thwarted twice in Indian Ocean: EUAFP
EU NAVFOR disrupts pirate activity after attacksdefpro

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Somali pirates take Spanish hostages ashore - CNN International

Somali pirates take Spanish hostages ashore - CNN International: "

Somali pirates take Spanish hostages ashore
CNN International
Spanish policemen escort to a juvenile court in Madrid an alleged pirate suspected of helping to seize the Alakrana. ...
Spanish hostages' wives: 3 crew taken ashoreThe Associated Press
Somali pirates take some Spanish crew ashoreReuters South Africa
Pirates take crew members of Spanish trawler to Somalia: kinMSN Philippines News
EITB -eTaiwan News -News24
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Reuters: FACTBOX - Ships held by Somali Pirates

Nov 5 (Reuters) - A bulk carrier, the MV Delvina, was hijacked in the Indian Ocean on Thursday, the EU naval force and a local maritime official said.

Here is a list of ships under the control of Somali pirates:

WIN FAR 161: Taiwanese tuna boat, seized on April 6, 2009.

ARIANA: Seized on May 2, 2009. Ariana was seized north of Madagascar en route to the Middle East from Brazil. The 24 Ukrainian crew were said to be unhurt. The ship, flying a Maltese flag, belongs to All Oceans shipping in Greece.

CHARELLE: Seized on June 12, 2009. The 2,800-tonne cargo ship carrying about nine crew was attacked south of Oman.

ALAKRANA: Seized on Oct. 2, 2009. The 3,716-tonne fishing vessel has a crew of 36 and a home port in the Spanish Basque Country. The Seychelles coastguard said the ship was seized 400 nautical miles northwest of Mahe. The vessel had previously escaped an attempted hijack on Sept. 4.

KOTA WAJAR: Seized on Oct. 15, 2009. The 24,637-tonne container ship, seized 300 nautical miles north of Seychelles, was heading for the Kenyan port of Mombasa from Singapore. It had 21 crew on board.

DE XIN HAI - Seized on Oct. 19, 2009. The Chinese bulk vessel carried about 76,000 tonnes of coal and there were 25 Chinese crew aboard when it was hijacked in the Indian Ocean 550 nautical miles northeast of the Seychelles and 700 nautical miles off the east coast of Somalia. The vessel is owned by the Qingdao Ocean Shipping Co.

AL KHALIQ - Seized on Oct. 22, 2009. The Panamanian-registered ship carried 26 crew, 24 of whom are Indian. The ship is owned and operated by SNP Shipping of Mumbai. The 1984-built, 38,305 dwt bulk carrier was seized around 180 nautical miles west of Seychelles.

LYNN RIVAL - Seized October 2009. A British couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, were sailing to the east African country of Tanzania when they were seized on their 38-ft yacht.

THAI UNION 3 - Seized on Oct. 29, 2009. Pirates on two skiffs boarded the tuna fishing boat with 23 Russians, two Filipinos and two Ghanaians on board about 200 nautical miles north of the Seychelles and 650 miles off the Somali coast.

DELVINA - Seized on Nov. 5, 2009. The 53,629 dwt bulk carrier had 21 crew on board from the Ukraine and the Philippines. The vessel was seized 250 nautical miles northwest of Madagascar and was laden with wheat.


-- Piracy attacks around the world numbered 324 during the year to Oct. 20, with 37 vessels hijacked and 639 hostages taken. In the same period in 2008 there were 194 attacks, 36 ships hijacked and 631 hostages, according to the latest figures from the ICC International Maritime Bureau's Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB).

-- Of the 324 incidents, attacks by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden and the east coast of Somalia, numbered 174, with 35 vessels hijacked and 587 crew taken hostage .

-- Nearly 20,000 ships pass through the Gulf of Aden each year, heading to and from the Suez Canal.

Sources: Reuters/Ecoterra International/International Maritime Bureau Piracy Reporting Centre/Lloyds List/Inquirer.net

Reuters: Turkey navy commandos seize 5 pirates in Aden Gulf

Turkish navy commandos detained five pirates trying to hijack a Greek boat in the Gulf of Aden, the Turkish military said on Thursday.


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AP/FOX News: Spanish Hostages' Wives: Pirates Take 3 Crew Ashore

Pirates holding a Spanish trawler off Somalia have taken three crew members ashore to press Spanish authorities for the release of fellow pirates captured in connection with the month-old hostage drama, wives of two sailors said Thursday.

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02 November 2009

Christian Science Monitor: Are Somalia's pirates linked to Al Qaeda?

Reports that pirates may want to swap a British couple they captured last week for fellow pirates detained by foreign navies have fueled speculation that the pirates are linking up with Islamist militants.

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